Thoughts On A Cloudy Day

O, ye droopy sun,
Whence wilt thou shine;
Whence whither the gloom;
Thy shadow hath cast.

Why beyond all goodness,
Thou cast a cloudy smirk;
Why thou chuckle with glee;
At nature’s dull display.

Why enjoy the chilly morn,
Whence man draped in sin;
Shalt long for thine rays;
To enlighten their burdened hearts.

The Background

Written in 1997, “Thoughts on a Cloudy Day” reflects on a rather delicate theme, “repentance,” while being engulfed in a sea of sin and strife.

On a cloudy day, the sun appears to mock at man’s rather fickle promises to abstain from sin. On the other hand, it brings the prospect of a shower which is beneficial to the primary man, while also harbouring the possibility of washing off man’s sin.

The poem drives home the point that man grovels for a remedy only and only when sickness has caught up with him. He makes no effort to prevent it in the first place. Man is slave to sin and vice which like a dreadful sickness imprisons him and keeps him away from the eternal truth.

The yearning for the sun’s redemptive rays to ease out the gloom in man’s life draped in sin is clearly visible in the final words of the poem. The highlight of the poem is the cleansing nature of the sun’s rays being projected as rays of hope!

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