Summer Showers

As the raindrops trickle down my brow,
Feelings strike my heart so keen;
Known only to the earliest possible being;
Of love and luff to life’s beauty.

As the ships across the sea they sail,
A hail across the clouds with rain;
Strewn across the glistened sand castles;
Built by tender cheeks with grace.

As the swallows twitter to the clouds,
A shower across the heavens;
Of the eternal bliss of the heavenly one;
As He blesses His children with rain.

As the children abandon their play,
To cuddle in their mother’s bosom;
Alike the chicks fly for the nest;
Where mothers wait for their lil ones.

As the lilies bloom for joy,
At the coming of summer tide;
For that transient sleep a while;
To gather their wits at the next spring.

The Background

This poem is the poetic expression of the tenderest thoughts on a rainy summer day in 1997. The poem is filled with emotion, with feelings welling up within, all inspired by the sparkle of rejuvenation in nature.

Tiny raindrops on the author’s brow reminds him of the “earliest possible being” who might have experienced the beauty of nature, possibly in the garden of Eden.

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