Sparkle of Beauty

Fresh and sweet smelt the morn,
With its silver charm and warmth;
Kindled by love so tendered and sought;
Of the snowy blossoms around.

Autumn does bring with it charm,
Of the naked trees and the roaring wind;
To the fluttering of the tiny wings;
Which find it all life in air.

Spring does bring with it charm,
With the lark brightening the day;
Chirping that immortal tune so low;
Making known its love to eternal skies.


Written in early springtime immediately after the tumultuous autumn, this poem depicts the change of seasons – from the rough and ruthless winter, the testy autumn, to the serene season of life which is spring.

The dawn is an ephemeral phase of time that slowly but surely transitions to day and then to the dusk. Transition is an integral part of life that demands continual change for better or for worse. It ultimately leads you towards development and growth or on the contrary, towards cessation and death. While not all transitions have a happy ending, it always fosters hope for a better tomorrow.

Thus, transition can be thought of as a developmental aspect of life which is metaphorically represented by the autumn which transitions to spring or the dawn which proclaims the day.

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