An Angel to Behold

On a dreary, cold winter morn,
Rising early with the glowing sun;
Was born a little baby girl;
Beautiful rainbow after the storm.

Biting cold, its fury unleashed,
Chilly easterlies vigorously blowing;
Baby wrapped tightly in mother’s arm;
A warm embrace against nature’s fury.

Frosty pines across undulating hills,
Birds chirping harmoniously through;
A cute baby at her mother’s breast;
Easing the pain with joyous suckling.

Half-frozen rivers and lakes aplenty,
Nature’s beauty gracefully unravelled;
Baby’s cooing and crying a tear revealed;
A sign of hope and of love fulfilled.

Misty gardens with flowers blooming,
Pink, purple, red, white and yellow;
Like as the sun rays shimmered through;
A baby’s smile sparkled across the skies.

Lush greenery dotted the landscape,
Along dusty roads a haven revealed;
Hidden behind a baby’s innocence;
A lovely and sweet angel to behold.


Written a day before my little baby, Faith was born on 14 January 2020. The poem embodies the thoughts of an anxious father traveling from his place of posting in the remote hills of the Himalayas as a practicing doctor in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force to a hilly haven in the Khasi hills, lovingly called Shillong, or the abode of clouds. The long and tiresome journey through a deserted and sinuous terrain on the hills makes for a beautiful yet challenging experience. The biting cold winter did not make it easy either.

Alethea and I were proud parents welcoming our third child into the family. Aaron and Luke were extremely excited to see their little baby sister. Faith, a rainbow in the sky, was what we called her after a few days of ruling out various names. She was the rainbow after a tumultous storm of a painful miscarriage, suffered by us. She was the ray of hope that the sun will shine again on this side of the valley. To us, naming our children was influenced by the various experiences in our lives. Aaron was the mountain, a stronghold on which we reposed our faith, Luke was the ray of sunshine lighting our way, and now Faith was the rainbow, a sign of hope and a bright future.

My Wife and Children

The poem reflects that the forces of nature cannot stop the journey we have to take to be close to our family members. It makes us realise the value of family and togetherness, despite the rough weather and confusion that dwells in our lives. Being with one’s spouse and family during this really important event in our lives, makes us stay strong and united, happy to see a new life blossom.

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  • Noel Jul 9, 2021 @ 22:06

    Lovely poem Lawrence! Beautiful pics

  • Nitin Jul 10, 2021 @ 14:57

    Very Well Written brings out all the emotions simply Awesome… Praise God 🙌 for all the Wonders and for working in our lives

    • Dr. Lawrence Kindo Jul 11, 2021 @ 0:22

      Thanks, Nitin! Praise God indeed for all the blessings He showers on us on a daily basis, especially through our loved ones.

  • Salna John Attokaran Jul 11, 2021 @ 5:56

    Beautiful Lawrence….I could feel the emotions..
    Congratulations to you and Al..God bless you! Much love..

  • Rita Lyngdoh Jul 17, 2021 @ 12:57

    Beautifully written. A lovely and touching poem!!

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